COCA members wanted clarifiction on what to expect and what to do when an OCoT Enforcement Officer visits thier job site.  COCA associate member Sherrard Kuzz LLP, with input from COCA's Board and Executive has developed a best practices document that's easy to reference and easy to understand.

COCA and Sherrard Kuzz LLP are pleased to be able to share this important resource with our members and the Ontario construction industry.  To download a copy, CLICK HERE.
Originally announced March 28, 2014, the long awaited review of the Construction Lien Act is finally underway.  Tasked with leading the review is Bruce Reynolds, senior partner with Borden Ladner Gervais.  Reynolds has commented publically that “everything is on the table” a positive signal to the construction industry that issues related to delayed payment will be seriously considered as part of the review. 

COCA has met with Mr. Reynolds and is optimistic that the process will be inclusive and transparent and that Reynolds recommendations will be evidence based.  For the latest information on the Construction Lien Act review click here.

» Prompt Payment Legislation
   COCA has been advocating for the introduction of
   prompt payment legislation in Ontario since 2010.

» Construction Lien Act Reform

   Redeveloping industry consensus and re-introducing
   reform proposals to the Ministry of the Attorney General.
» Ministry of Labour - Prevention 
   The Ministry of Labour's Prevention Office is busy 
   implementing key recommendations from the Expert
   Advisory Panel on Occupational Health & Safety.

» WSIB Funding Review
   COCA actively participated in the WSIB's Funding Review. 
   The Final Report, Funding Fairness, can be found here.
In October 2014, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities announced that Tony Dean, well known to the Ontario construction industry through his work leading the expert panel on health and safety, would lead a review the Ontario College of Trades. 

COCA has made a submission to the Dean Review and is scheduled to meet with Mr. Dean as part of his in-person consultation process later this month.  For the latest information on the Tony Dean review of the Ontario College of Trades, click here.

The Ministry of Labour (MoL) has been tasked with developing an action plan to strengthen workplace accident prevention in the construction sector.  Leading plan creation is respected MoL veteran, John Vander Doelen.

It is expected that a draft plan will be presented to the Minister before the end of 2014 which will be the subject of consultation early in the New Year.

To the slide deck of a presentation Mr. Vander Doelen made to the Provincial Labour Management Health and Safety Committee, click here.