Anti Racism Samples

Sample Policies and Practices


The Ontario Government offers templates for you to create workplace harassment and violence policies:

Sample Workplace Harassment Policy:

Sample Workplace Violence Policy:

Industry Examples:

Ellis Don Policy: Respect in the Workplace

Ellis Don Policy: Violence in the Workplace


Several companies and organizations within the residential and ICI construction industries have created anti-racism campaigns that include resources, policies and practices you can adapt for your organization.

Ellis Don has taken a leadership role in this area. Their Inclusive Diversity web page provides an excellent overview and helpful resources that you can use as a guide for your own organization.

As part of this initiative, Ellis Don has made their Inclusive Diversity online training modules available to the industry at large. This training is completely online and can be accessed 24/7 from any location.

Additional resources from Ellis Don:

ECAO Anti-racism Toolbox Talk Resources to assist and educate companies and employees on what racism is, how to recognize it on construction sites, and how to eliminate it.

Built for Respect Anti-racism campaign by Tridel.

Racial discrimination in the workplace by IHSA

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work Plan from BILD.

RESCON Launches CARE Campaign to Combat Racism in Construction Industry


Afro Canadian Construction Association  A not-for-profit organization founded in September 2020 with the primary goal of increasing the presence of black-owned contracting companies in the Canadian construction industry.

Overcoming Construction Industry Racism  Article in Ontario Construction Report.

How to Stamp Out Racism in Construction Blog post by RESCON with links to relevant resources and information.