Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is an Agency of the Government of Ontario responsible for the administration of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA)and its regulations. 

It provides income replacement, health care, medical rehabilitation, disability pensions, return to work and labour market re-entry services to workers in certain industries identified in the Act who become injured while at work or sick due to workplace causes.  It also provides death benefits to surviving dependents of workers who are killed in the course of their work. 

Workplace safety is a universal responsibility shared equally by workers and employers and COCA and its members are committed partners with the Ministry of Labour and the WSIB.
COCA’s influence can also be seen in the WSIB’s new Rate Framework.   The new classification system, prospective experience rating program and employer-centric rate setting process will balance rate responsiveness and collective liability.  
COCA pressed the WSIB to make some accommodation for non-exempt construction executive officers in the new Rate Framework and the provincial compensation agency has agreed in principle with our request. COCA’s WSIB and OHS Committee considered the WSIB’s 2018 draft policies in support of the new Rate Framework. The WSIB convened several meetings to address and refine the draft policies. The Office of the Employer Adviser made two comprehensive submissions that addressed the ambiguous and open-ended nature of some of the policies and the unfairness of others. COCA endorsed the submissions which had been made by the Office of the Employer Adviser.  The policies were eventually finalized with significant improvements in line with those submissions.

COCA has been involved in ongoing discussions with senior officials at the WSIB in the development of the WSIB’s Health & Safety Excellence Program (HSEP), a continuum of 40 learning elements designed to help employers who voluntarily participate in order to improve their performance  from a minimum compliance level of health and safety management to excellence. Those discussions included the role of Safety Groups in the new HSEP.