Are You Ready to Consider the Greens?

For voters who can’t bring themselves to vote for Kathleen Wynne, don’t want a repeat of the early ‘90s with the NDP in charge and who don’t like the smell of the Trump-like Doug Ford (“Stop the Gravy Train” = “Drain the Swamp”), are you ready to take a chance on the Greens?  Here’ are some of their platform promises: 

  • Better-funded services for kids with autism.
  • More primary health care provided by nurse-practitioners
  • Better health care for rural Ontario.
  • Dentistry and prescription drugs included in public health insurance.
  • Increased investment for mental health and addictions treatment,
  • Corrections reforms.
  • Incentives to businesses to invest in energy-efficient equipment and buildings,
  • Redirecting subsidy programs toward clean-technology companies
  • Building a prosperous middle class with good green jobs.
  • Combining the English and French, secular and Catholic school boards 
  • Phasing out nuclear power
  • Aggressive electrification programs for transit systems
  • Tougher fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles sold in Ontario
  • Banning new internal-combustion engines by 2050.

It’s a long shot, but the Greens have never had a better chance to win a seat or two in the Ontario Legislature.