Bidders Question RFB for Line-By-Line Audit

One of our new government’s key pledges to the voters of Ontario is to reduce the size and cost of government.  They promised to do this mainly by finding efficiencies.  Moreover, to find efficiencies, they promised to conduct a line-by-line audit of the government’s finances, to scrutinize the books as never before with a fine-toothed comb.  The government needs to find these efficiencies in order to pay for promised tax cuts and spending increases. 

Our government recently published a request for bids (RFB) for the line-by-line audit of its $150B annual operations. The RFB stated that the project would commence on August 10th and conclude not later than September 21st and that the maximum price for the work is $500,000.  This left several potential bidders stating that the timeline is too tight for such a thorough scope of work and that the top price is far too low.