Construction in Ontario August 2017 Newsletter

In The August 2017 Issue


  1. Paper Proposes Modular Stackable Approach to Skills Training
  2. Another Political Dynasty in the Making?
  3. Community Benefits - The Ontario Experience
  4. Murray Resignation Causes Cabinet Shuffle
  5. Unlicenced Contractor Does Jail Time
  6. Gravelle's Back and He's Running
  7. The difference between an employee and independent contractor.
  8. Summer Students to Visit 10,000 Workplaces
  9. Another Bundle of OPP Stations
  10. Study Concludes Ontario's Timeline to Reduce Debt Unrealistic
  11. Government to Propose two More Ridings
  12. Cannabis Secretariat Conducts Consultation
  13. Expect Speedy Passage of Better Jobs Act
  14. New on the COCA Website

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