First Hundred Day – Ford’s Accomplishments

Premier Ford’s first hundred days in office were celebrated at a rally held on the night of October 9thin the heart of Ford Nation, Etobicoke.  Some of our new premier’s accomplishments are the following:

  • Freezing discretionary spending across all ministries
  • Ending the strike at York University
  • Causing the resignation of the Hydro One CEO and replacing the company’s board of directors
  • Reducing the size of the Toronto city council from 48 councillors to 25
  • Introducing legislation that, if passed, will end the cap-and-trade system; joining with a number of other provinces to fight the federal government’s carbon tax
  • Promising not to implement the planned increase in the minimum wage from $14/hour to $15/hour on January 1, 2019  
  • Engaging an independent auditor to conduct an audit of the government’s finances; striking an Independent Financial Commission and a Select Committee of the Legislature to review the financial performance of the previous government; 
  • halting discretionary public sector spending; 
  • letting the private sector in on the legal cannabis market; 
  • scrapping the Drive Clean program; 
  • lowering the minimum price at which can be sold to $1.00 i.e. “buck-a-beer”

To celebrate, our new government published a nifty timeline of all of their numerous achievements, which is available at the following link: