Impressive Action on Promises Made and Other Initiatives Not Promised

Here’s what was promised in the Throne Speech and the subsequent actions taken by our new government:

Reduce gas prices

  • No so far

Reduce the price of electricity

  • Caused the Hydro One CEO to “retire” and the board of directors to resign
  • Placed constraints on compensation for the directors, CEO and executives of Hydro One and its subsidiaries.
  • Required Hydro One to annually make a public posting of the salaries paid to certain executives
  • that Hydro One’s executive compensation must not be reflected in the rates charged for electricity

Reduce taxes for parents, small businesses and the working poor

  • No action so far

Scrap the cap and trade emissions trading system and all carbon tax schemes in all other forms

  • Introduced Bill 4 Cap and Trade Cancellation Act 2018
  • joined forces with Saskatchewan to fight the federal government’s authority to impose a carbon tax on the provinces
  • took steps to challenge the constitutionality of the federal government's carbon tax at the Ontario Court of Appeal.
  • Continues as a work in progress

Stand with the federal government, the other provinces, businesses and workers to build a strong economy for the future; become an active participant in NAFTA negotiations especially with the 28 US states for which Ontario is their #1 or #2 trading partner

  • Premier-elect Ford spoke with Prime Minister Trudeau and offered his support for the federal government’s position
  • Premier Doug Ford spoke with the Governor of Michigan to promote a mutually beneficial trade relationship and pledged to with leaders in all US states with which Ontario has a significant trading relationship
  • Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Jim Wilson, represented Ontario at U.S. Department of Commerce public hearings on the national security investigation of imports of automobiles and automotive parts
  • Work continues on this file

Lower taxes and reduce the regulatory burden to signal that Ontario is Open for Business

  • Made changes in the Building Code specific to the Lower Don Lands to allow construction to proceed while flood protection infrastructure is in place.
  • A work in progress

Initiate a Commission of Inquiry into Ontario’s public finances, conduct a line-by-line audit, eliminate waste and duplication

  • an Independent Financial Commission of Inquiry under the direction of chair Gordon Campbell and commissioners Dr. Al Rosen and Michael Horganand and an external line-by-line audit of government spending.
  • issued a public request for bids to competitively acquire consulting services for a line-by-line review of all government programs and services
  • a work in progress

Balance the budget on a modest, responsible, pragmatic timetable

  • Work in progress

Put the interests of patients in the province’s health care system first while always respecting doctors, nurses and healthcare workers; increase the number of long-term care beds and increase spending on mental health and addiction

  • announced intent to fix the OHIP+ program to focus benefits on those who do not have existing prescription drug benefits.
  • A work in progress

Turn back the clock on education; it’s back to the basics, the tried and true methods

  • Nothing concrete yet; Minister has made contradictory and confusing statements on sex education curriculum for 2018/19 school year

Increase supports for families with children with autism

  • Work in progress

Partner with municipalities on transit

  • Nothing yet

End green energy contracts in rural Ontario where they are not wanted

  • White Pines wind farm cancelled
  • 758 other renewable energy contracts cancelled 
  • Work in progress

Build a new monument to recognize the heroes of the Afghanistan war

  • committed to building Ontario's first provincial public memorial within the legislative precinct at Queen's Park to honour Canadian heroes of the war in Afghanistan

Expand the sale of beer and wine through new distribution channels

  • Nothing yet

Other Initiatives:

  • Passed back to work legislation ending the strike at York University
  • Launched Buck a Beer although uptake by craft and industrial brewers hasn’t been enthusiastic
  • Introduced legislation which if passed will reduce the number of city councillors in Toronto and change the way chairs will in certain regional/district governments
  • Are planning to reform Social Assistance so that it helps more people break the cycle of poverty, re-enter the workforce and get back on track.

This is an impressive list of achievements for such a young government, elected little more than two months ago.