New CPO Meets with the Provincial Committee

The Province’s new Chief Prevention Officer Ron Kalusky met with the Provincial Labour Management Health and Safety Committee at its monthly meeting on April 4th.  Noting that he was only four weeks on the job and still, in learning mode, he made the following comments:

  • He has worked in public health where he has seen the positive impact of root cause analysis
  • The Prevention Office’s mining review uncovered three or four common root causes of incidents and this will contribute to better health and safety performance
  • He is looking for an opportunity to make a genuine difference, to have an impact
  • The 2016/17 report was released recently and it contains some alarming results
  • he expects to have the 2017 18 report out in the first quarter of 2019
  • the Construction Health and Safety Action Plan is moving ahead and making progress
  • he wants to maintain the relevance of the Prevention Council and make it more successful
  • the Prevention Office is at the tail end of its first 5-year strategy
  • every stakeholder will be engaged in the development of the next long-range strategy that will drive the system and be measureable
  • he sees his job as helping make things happen

Kalusky is impressive, an experienced and results-oriented executive and it looks like he has what it takes to drive improved performance and better outcomes for our province’s health and safety system.