About Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario

The Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario is a charter member of the Council of Ontario Construction Associations.

The Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario represents approximately 1,000 unionized electrical contracting firms, the majority of whom are small to medium sized, family owned and operated businesses. Through the Electrical Trade Bargaining Agency, the Association is the exclusive bargaining agent on behalf of these firms in collective bargaining with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The ECAO contractors employ 15,000 electricians, power line workers, communication workers, apprentices and support staff and generate in excess of $3 billion worth of electrical, utility and communications work annually.

ECAO membership is distributed among eleven area ECAs covering the entire province. The area ECAs are our source of representation to internal committees, boards and external organizations such as COCA, providing geographically diverse and representative input to industry issues. ECAO is active on the both the COCA Board of Directors and Executive Governance committee. 

In addition to its labour relations, ECAO is very active and works closely with COCA in matters related to WSIB, occupational health and safety, the Construction Lien Act and Prompt Payment.  

Primary Company Location
10 Carlson Court, Ste. 702
M9W 6L2
(416) 675-7736

Member Employees

  • Graeme Aitken

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Jeff Koller
(416) 675-7736