About Merit OpenShop Contractors Association of Ontario

The Merit OpenShop Contractors Association of Ontario is a mixed trade organization representing Ontario's open shop construction sector.  The organization was originally founded in 1990 as the United Independent Contractors' Group of Ontario; however in 2009 a new name was introduced in order to reflect a commitment to Merit Canada, the national organization for open shop associations.  Today, there are 8 Provincial Merit Associations and a Merit Canada office representing a total of 3,500 contractors and businesses with over 300,000 employees.

The core purposes of Merit Ontario are to:

  • Advocate and support sound legislation and regulation which is fair to both open shop employers and their employees
  • Provide human resources services and programs that meet the needs of open shp companies and contribute tot he well being of their employees and their families
  • Provide education and support for our members to encourage cound business practives and keep them informed on open shop issues
  • Promote construction industry jobs as attractive career options and support the development of a safe, stable, and appropriately skilled construction industry workforce
  • Promote workplace harmony, where open and closed firms collaborate and work as partners


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