About Northeastern Ontario Construction Association

Like the buildings our members construct, the Northeastern Ontario Construction Association began with a solid foundation – the skills and experience of local contractors and trades people. Today, nearly 6 1/2 decades and 48 Past-Presidents later, NOCA is a strong ICI association that has transformed over its 68 year history with the sole intent to accommodate a continually shifting industry. NOCA has grown to represent over 300 contractors, manufacturers & suppliers, service providers, consulting firms, and training and personnel providers from all over the province, supporting members at all levels of the ICI process. NOCA promotes member interests and provides specialized services to help over 300 member companies compete and succeed in today's ever-changing construction industry.

The Board of Directors is chosen in a way that ensures fair representation of all types of construction. The NOCA staff, along with the Board of Directors and many volunteers, serves as a collective voice to promote everything from apprenticeship education & training to suitable and desirable legislation, working conditions and wages that affect the industry in all its branches.

With the help of COCA, the Northeastern Ontario Construction Association continually improves liaisons with local, provincial and federal government which in turn help to determine comprehensible construction laws for Northern Ontario contractors. Originally called Sudbury Construction Association, the name was officially changed on September 2, 2015, to the Northeastern Ontario Construction Association to properly reflect the vast area of membership that it represents.

Primary Company Location
257 Beatty Street
P3C 4G1
(705) 673-5619
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Member Employees

  • Denis Shank

  • Peggy Lambert

Company Contact

Denis Shank
(705) 673-5619
(705) 673-7910