About Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association

Since 1964 the Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association (OIRCA) has been the voice of the Industrial/Commercial/Institutional roofing industry in Ontario. The Association is a group of professional roofing contractors, roofing product suppliers, building science consultants and industry professionals. The mission of the organization is to assure, through accountability, excellence in roofing construction. The Association’s vision is to be the only source for professional ICI roofing contractors in Ontario.

The OIRCA is not a trade association per se.  New member applicants do not secure membership by simply completing an application and submitting it with payment.  Rather, those companies must meet specific criteria and submit to a thorough evaluation that includes on site workmanship inspections as well as an independent safety audit.  Accepted membership applicants serve a two-year probationary period where workmanship and safety will be monitored.  All members are subject to an annual performance audit to certify compliance with the Association’s standards.

Ultimately the Association provides the construction industry with a means to pre-qualify roofing contractors.  By specifying an OIRCA member, the purchaser of roofing services is assured competent and competitive roofing practices.  As a self-policing organization, the OIRCA stands behind the principles and ethics of our Association and expects each member to do so as well.


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