2017 Priorities

Policy Development and Advocacy Priorities

The pursuit of Construction LienAct reform and prompt payment legislation for construction projects in Ontario will remain COCA’s very highest priority for 2017. COCA will press the government to introduce and pass legislation that is aligned with the recommendations of the Reynolds-Vogel Report.

In the wake of the Bill 70 amendments to the OCTAA, COCA’s College of Trades Committee will continue to keep close watch over the province’s self-governing body for the skilled trades and keep the membership well-informed.

Ontario must have a workers compensation system that serves the need s of employers and workers effectively and efficiently.  In this regard:

  • Ensure COCA members are well informed about Ontario’s new approach to workers compensation in order to avoid any unexpected surprises and to ensure stability when the new Rate Framework is implemented in January 2019.  COCA will work with the WSIB to help our member companies understand how the new Rate Framework will classify their operations and where they will be placed in the new rate structure and where they could be headed in terms of future rates. 
  • COCA will continue to press the government for the elimination of the WSIB provision that automatically locks-in an injured workers benefits at 72 months duration 
  • With respect to Claim’s Suppression, COCA will work with the WSIB  delivering  information, education, advice and training to employers identified by their analytics to be at high risk of non-compliance. 
  • If the government legislates benefits for workers suffering from chronic mental stress, COCA will ensure that such benefits are in proportion to the work relatedness of the disease . 

Working with the Chief Prevention Officer to improve the performance of the province’s occupational health and safety system and specifically working on:

  • The development and implementation of the Construction Health and Safety Action Plan
  • The development and implementation of mandatory entry level training for construction workers
  • The development of  Accreditation program standards that work for r  the construction industry
  • Strategically shifting the focus of health and safety training towards the small business sector, vulnerable workers and on high hazard activities
  • The possible merger of the IHSA with WSPS, WSN and PSHSA; there must be a compelling business case that improves the performance of the province’s health and safety system and there must be a workable plan

Additional priorities will be identified and approved by the board of directors as they arise


Partnership will continue to be the hallmark of our government relations strategy.  Only by working with the members of the COCA federation, with others in the construction industry and in other industries will we be able to influence the direction of public policy in the province. COCA will continue to play an active role in various committees, councils, partnerships and coalitions that serve to advance our interests


COCA will be engaging a Communication Consultant to review and assist in the development of a communications plan.

COCA will continue to execute its robust communications strategy which includes:

  1. An annual full colour “Year in Review” publication that’s sent to the membership, all MPPs, other senior officials at Queen’s Park and to the leaderships of in various government agencies  
  2. Semi-annual reports on COCA’s activities and achievements sent to the membership
  3. Monthly newsletters for members and non-members that focus on public policy matters, events in the political arena and construction industry happenings
  4. Monthly Government Relations Reports exclusively for the membership that focus on events at Queen’s Park
  5. Forwarding of regular communications from various government ministries and agencies that contain information and directives that are relevant to the needs and interests of contractors
  6.  Member Alerts on fast breaking news


 COCA will host an Annual General Meeting  a Construction Day at Queen’s Park and a Welcome to Construction Season Reception at Queen’s Park.

Organizational and Professional Development

COCA will continue to provide the senior staff of member associations with professional development opportunities through its COO Forum.  We are committed to becoming a stronger federation by helping our member associations grow and prosper.

Membership Engagement

In order to better understand the concerns of contractors on the ground and to broaden our relationships with our member associations, every year we do our best to meet with every one of our member associations at least once, whether it’s at one of their board meetings, at their AGMs, Members Days, Awards Dinners or Golf Tournaments.    This hasn’t always been possible but once again we will establish this priority and make a special effort to meet those organizations with whom we haven’t met for more than a year


In COCA’s governance model, the Executive Committee has been delegated the authority to act as the Board of Directors between meetings of the Board whenever fast breaking and urgent issues arise.  In 2017, the senior staff persons of our member associations, which we refer to as chief operating officers or COOs, will have the opportunity to have input into the makeup of the Executive Committee. 

Organizational Stratgey

COCA will continue to act upon and implement goals and policies arising from the 2016 Planning Day.