2017 Annual General Meeting


COCA’s 42nd Annual General Meeting was held on Monday, February 27th at the Interior Systems Contractors Association in Woodbridge.   Photos of the AGM can be viewed on-line at https://coca.smugmug.com/2017-COCA-Annual-General-Meeting/ 


It kicked off with an address by Bruce Reynolds who, in the role of Counsel, led the review of the Ontario Construction Lien Act and who, along with his Co-Counsel Sharon Vogel, authored the report “Striking the Balance: Expert Review of Ontario’s Construction Lien Act.”  Bruce provided an update on the status of the report.  He stated that he and Sharon have been engaged by the government to advise on the drafting of legislation pursuant to the report and that this work is underway in earnest.  He confirmed that he is being true to the report in the advice he is providing the government.  Legislation will be introduced in the Spring 2017 session and the Attorney General remains optimistic that the Bill will be passed into law before the end of 2017.  

After a wonderful buffet luncheon, WSIB Chair, Elizabeth Witmer, delivered the keynote address.  

  In her remarks she made the following points:

  • The WSIB works in close collaboration with its stakeholders to support healthy and safe workplaces including participation on the Chief Prevention Officer's Prevention Council, sponsorship of Skills Ontario, the PracticeSafeWork campaign, and the continued administration of the Safety Group Program
  • In the period from 2008 to 2015, the number of LTIs per year in the construction industry declined by 25%
  • In the period from 2008 to 2015, the construction industry had more traumatic fatalities than any other industry with 155
  • More than 92% of injured workers return to work with no wage loss within 12 months of their injury
  • In the fall of 2016 the WSIB announced average premium rate reductions for 2017, reductions for some rate groups were as high as 14%
  • The WSIB's board of directors approved the new Rate Framework with implementation on January 2019 at the earliest
  • The new framework will change the way employers are classified and the way premium rates are set and adjusted
  • Changes will be implemented gradually and in a way that fosters stability
  • The WSIB will be advising employers about the changes ahead; employers will be given the opportunity to review and confirm their classification in the new framework
  • The rate framework is REVENUE NEUTRAL
  • In the new rate framework, approximately 90% of construction employers will receive premium rate reductions while 10% will receive increases
  • The unfunded liability currently stands at approximately $4B and the sufficiency ratio stood at 84.9% as of September 2016
  • The government may introduce legislation which in effect will provide benefits for workplace chronic mental stress

COCA Chair Gary van Bolderen thanked Mrs Witmer for her update and presented her with a gift as a token of COCA's appreciation for her strong leadership of our provincial compensation agency.


Through the course of the past year, there were many individuals and organizations that made significant contributions to the success of COCA and the betterment of our industry.  COCA believes that it’s important to recognize and celebrate these individuals and organizations through our awards program.  Please visit the 2016 Awards page for more information on the winners.


The election of COCA’s Executive Committee is another highlight and members elected for 2017/18 are as follows:

  • Chair – Gary van Bolderen, President, Dutch Masters 
  • Past Chair – Don Gosen, Professor, Conestoga College (former owner of Gosen Electric)
  • Vice Chair – Steve Dietrich, Vice President,  AGF -- Dietrich Inc.
  • Vice Chair – Roger Hubbard, President,  AMJ Enterprises Ltd.
  • Vice Chair – Dan Lancia, President, Holaco Installations Limited
  • Treasurer – Jim DiNovo, BML Multi Trades 
  • Director-at-Large – Martha George, President  & CEO, GVCA
  • Director-at-Large – Ron Johnson, Deputy Director, ISCA
  • Director-at-Large – Jeff Koller, Executive Director, ECAO
  • Director-at-Large – Harold Lindstrom, General Manager, CATB
  • Director-at-Large – John Mollenhauer, President  & CEO, TCA