The Value of COCA Membership

Do you think your association might benefit from membership in the Council of Ontario Construction Associations?  COCA is the largest and most representational group of ICI (industrial, commercial and institutional) and heavy civil construction employers.

Your association’s membership in COCA is worth more than $125,000 a year – here’s why:


Focused & Effective Government Relations 


COCA is a strong and effective government relations organization – serving as the strategic policy development and advocacy arm for ICI and heavy civil construction employers in Ontario.  We develop and maintain positive relationships with senior officials and key decision makers at Queen’s Park.  This takes time and effort, its valuable.  Government relations firms do the same; and charge $10,000 a month or more as a retainer.  They also represent multiple clients, speaking to the government about a variety of industries and issues.  Not so with COCA, we are tightly focussed on the issues that matter to construction employers and only those issues.

Yet COCA is so much more than an advocacy organization….

Queen's Park Events


Our receptions at Queen’s Park and full industry lobby day provide COCA members with the opportunity to meet directly with MPPs and Ministers, opportunities to build their own personal relationships.  Most importantly these events are expertly facilitated by COCA staff, strategy, speaking points, introductions – they’re all provided.

Expert Guest Speakers


High profile guest speakers who make presentations at regular Board of Directors meetings provide timely updates and answer questions.  This valuable information can be shared with your membership and can contribute to your success as an association leader.

Association Leaders Committee


Our association leaders’ committee meetings provide professional development opportunities on a variety of topics and the chance to share association management best practices to help strengthen your organization.  Though other organizations may provide these services, COCA offers construction specific information for a fraction of the cost.

Regular Communications


Our regular communications, including a monthly newsletter and government relations update break down the issues and clearly explain what they mean to construction.  Again there are other organizations that might provide legislative development information but none are designed specifically for the construction employer.  In addition to these publications, COCA provides member associations with half year updates and an annual, full colour Year in Review. 

Exclusive Access to TwoGreySuits (TGS)


TGS is a comprehensive on-line Human Resources Department specifically designed to meet the people management needs of small and medium sized businesses.  It includes forms and direction on everything from recruitment and compensation to performance management and administration.  Through COCA’s exclusive agreement, member associations have access to a discounted licence fee schedule and can offer the TGS service to their member companies on either an Association Pay or a Member Pay (revenue stream) basis.

Personal & Professional Growth


COCA affords the opportunity for personal and professional development by serving as a committee member or Chair, or as a member of the Board of Directors.  Share your knowledge and learn from the experience of others – test your leadership, learn and grow as a construction industry professional.

COCA is the most representative construction employers’ organization in the province.  Our membership is varied and covers all sectors of the construction industry.  We are the stakeholder organization the government and its agencies look to for input.  Do you want the issues important to your membership to reach the ears of your government?  Consider membership in the Council of Ontario Construction Associations –the return on investment proves it money well spent.