Other Issues


Public infrastructure is not only a key enabler of economic growth, but if left unchecked or neglected can create tremendous opportunity costs in the future. COCA believes infrastructure funding should be predictable and sustainable in the long term. It is an economic driver that attracts investment and creates good paying construction jobs into the province.

COCA promoted enhanced maintenance and expansion of the province’s public infrastructure, and the government responded with an increased commitment to public infrastructure investment of $160 B over the next 12 years

Ontario Registered Pension Plan

Bill 56, An Act to require the establishment of the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP)was introduced in 2014.  The ORPP is a new, provincially managed pension plan being created for residents of Ontario. It is intended to cover people who don’t have workplace pension plans, giving them extra income in retirement. The province estimates about 3.5 million workers will participate.

The ORPP will have a negative impact on small and medium sized business.

Skill Development

The skills mismatch – the gap between the competencies of the people seeking work and the advanced skills and qualifications sought by employers – is a significant threat to Ontario’s prosperity.

The skills mismatch is expected to get worse as technology and new innovations continue to transform the workplace and create greater demands for more highly qualified people. Ontario must address this challenge

Federal and Provincial Budgets

Each year the Provincial and Federal governments present their fiscal plans.  COCA reviews the budget documents and reports on the impact on the Construction industry.