Third Party Verification

Ontario contractors and industry suppliers have expressed concern about the increasing use by buyers of construction services of third-party verification services and their impact on administrative costs and client relationships.

 It is generally agreed that:

  • Buyers use third parties to offload their responsibilities for health and safety
  • The cost of a single  annual subscription to just one of these verification services is significant and many construction companies have to subscribe to multiple verification organizations in order to bid work from multiple owners
  • In addition to the subscription costs, the administrative burden they place on contractors is substantial; many construction companies  have to dedicate significant staff resources to supporting the demands of the verifiers
  • Their systems are paper based and lack an audit to demonstrate performance
  • Third party verifiers do not improve the health and safety performance of construction projects
  • Third party drive the cost of construction up

COCA’s Position

At its September 22, 2015, COCA’s Board of Director’s passed a motion stating that COCA is not in favour of third party verification.

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