Construction Association of Thunder Bay

Construction Association of Thunder Bay

Address: 857 North May Street, Thunder Bay, ON P7C 3S2
Phone: 802.622.9645
Fax: 802.623.2296
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The Construction Association of Thunder Bay was founded as the Lakehead Builders Exchange in 1949 to foster and advance the interests of those who are directly or indirectly connected with or affected by construction in North-western Ontario. In 1969, The Lakehead Builders Exchange became the Construction Association of Thunder Bay.

On a day to day basis the Association operates a physical and electronic plans room, full blueprint and specification copying and scanning services, and disseminates information received from affiliated organizations.

On the labour relations front, the Association provides a library of local labour rates and collective agreements, along with providing labour relations services to the local General Contractors, Drywall Contractors, Masonry Contractors, Forming and Concrete Placing Contractors and Tiling Contractors.