Anti Racism Further Information

Recommended Reading and Viewing

For all of us, this is an ongoing journey of learning, growing and taking action against racism. To inform and inspire you on the road ahead, we encourage you to explore some of these resources.


Confronting Racism at Work: A Reading List Source: Harvard Business Review

Seven Important Books for Building an Anti-Racist Workplace Source: Fast Company

Tools to Create Anti-Racist Workplaces  Source: Penguin Random House

Indigenous Ally Toolkit  Source: Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy Network


Anti-racist Film Viewing Recommendations Source: Coolidge Corner Theater

7 Movies You Can Stream Right Now if You’re Trying to Understand What it Means to be an Anti-racist  Source: Business Insider

10 Documentaries to Watch About Race Instead of Asking a Person of Colour to Explain Things to You Source: DocPlay