Daily Commerical News | Don Wall

Recent strong numbers on construction health and safety in Ontario and across Canada mask continuing problems that require immediate rectification, including implementation of significant worker-centric reforms.

That’s the analysis of a new report from the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario.

The report, written by Carmine Tiano, director for occupational health services at the Building Trades and released Sept. 23, is being submitted to Canada’s Building Trades Unions with the intention of forming the basis for a new national injury prevention strategy, said Tiano.

The report said the positive numbers showing a reduction in construction injuries over the past decade could be misleading and should be reexamined. Tiano said more research is needed to inform better policy; the lack of uniformity in worker insurance programs such as Ontario’s WSIB across the country impedes improvements; and the rise of populist governments with “open for business” policies across the country can only lead to a deterioration of health and safety culture.